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LED keychain with anti-wolf alarm


  1. Stay Safe Anywhere: LED keychain equipped with an anti-wolf alarm ensures personal security on the go.
  2. Powerful Deterrent: Loud alarm sound and bright LED light effectively scare off potential threats.
  3. Convenient Carry: Compact design fits easily into pockets or bags for everyday use.
  4. Versatile Usage: Perfect for late-night walks, outdoor activities, or as a practical gift for loved ones.

Product Description:

This LED keychain with an integrated anti-wolf alarm combines safety and convenience. The alarm emits a piercing sound of 100dB, deterring attackers and drawing attention in emergencies. Its bright LED light provides visibility in the dark, while the compact size allows for effortless portability


Material: ABS
Lamp beads: 1 F5 round head
Lumens: 5 lumens
Function: Press and hold the on/off switch. The alarm sounds when the tail latch is pulled out, and the alarm turns off when it is plugged back in. 100 decibels
Battery: 3*LR44
Product size: 7.9*4.6*2.1CM
Unit weight: 31g



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